Calgary Inner City

Building a new home in an established neighborhood in Calgary is very different than in the new communities surrounding the city. No matter whether you’re looking at building a new inner city home in Parkdale, Elbow Park, Scarboro, Mission or anywhere in central Calgary – let us help you to find the perfect property and create a home that fits your site and matches your unique needs.


Whether you have a lot already, or you’re just beginning to search – here are a few suggestions to help you get started when considering building in the center of town:


  1. Try and visit the potential homesite through the day – so you can experience the light, sounds and environment. Going on a weekday and a weekend can also show you things you didn’t expect
  2. Consider traffic and your routes at different times of the day.
  3. Do thorough research on any prospective builder. What is their history? Can you tour their work to see it for yourself?
  4. Find out exactly who you will be dealing with. A new home is both a lasting an intimate experience that you won’t feel comfortable collaborating with just anyone. Do you have a strong rapport with the key personalities that will take you through the entire process?
  5. Get educated. Ask for a detailed list of materials used, and construction techniques. There are many corners that can be cut – and so value is often found in a combination of all the details.
  6. Calgary does offer some great opportunities for outdoor living so – don’t forget to consider the site for fencing, decking and landscaping.
  7. Lastly – it should go without saying, but you should always get absolutely everything between you and the builder in writing.


Here is a list of Calgary Inner City neighborhoods. For a more complete and personalized recommendation on where you might consider building – call us now!